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Below you will find some useful gambling ebooks, and software, containing tips and strategies to win more money playing online or offline casino games:

Simple Online Blackjack Strategy Software
The software monitors the so-called single-hand Classic Blackjack Game, a Microgaming game, and determines the best play by using a composition-dependent-strategy. Learn more..

Best Winning Online Roulette System
All of the odds on a roulette table are based on the ‘law of averages’ minus one or two points. This way, online casinos can only gain money from casino players playing. Learn more..

Best Winning Online Roulette Strategy
It is a fact that when starting to bet it is virtually impossible that one outcome can happen 10’s of times in a row. If one sticks to one outcome using level stakes, one will profit. Learn more..

Best Online Roulette Method Secret
This method is based on an electronic failure on a random computer programme installed into which thus distributes the numbers only random within its probability quota. Learn more..

Best Online Poker Tournament Strategy
Texas Hold’em and basic poker overviews like Hold’em terms and betting are explained. Full breakdown of Hold’em action, from the pre-flop – round 1 – to the showdown. Learn more..

Best Online Poker Strategy Guide
Texas Hold’em poker is played with a standard 52-card deck. What makes Texas Hold’em stand out from many other card games is the use of five community cards. Learn more..

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