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Using Betting Systems in Online Casino Games

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There are many types of casino games whether they are live or online that open themselves up to betting systems. You could effectively use betting systems on games like roulette, blackjack, casino stud poker, robin roo casino baccarat and online slots.

One such betting system is the Paroli betting system which looks to use your winnings to try and create even further winnings. There are several systems like the Martingale for example which require a very heavy bankroll. However this is perhaps the one betting system that I would not recommend to anyone.

During my nine years as a croupier then I have seen several punters lose very significant amounts of money using this system. There is one underlying reason behind it and it is to do with frequency distributions and the fact that the huge catastrophic bad runs are far more likely that what you think. So a long series of very small wins is wiped out by one huge crushing loss.

However there are other types of betting system where the user is basically operating in almost the opposite way.

The Paroli betting system uses a fixed bankroll and you cannot lose more than that bankroll. Let us say that you want to bet with $100. The Paroli system only ever has you betting in $2 minimums or whatever the minimum bet is for as long as you are losing.

However the logic behind the system is to take advantage of winning runs by adding to your bets. A sequence of bets may go like this: you lose three bets on the trot and lose three lots of $2 equalling $6. You then win bet number four for $2.

The Paroli system then uses the next bet to double up and if you win that bet then you have won $6 over two hands and so despite losing three hands and winning two hands then you have broken even. You can then bank $4 out of the $6 and have a freeroll on bet number six and if you win that bet then you are ahead by $4 over six bets despite winning the same number of bets that you have lost.

This system will not give you an edge but when it is used in isolation in one off casino trips then it can do very well and can add to your enjoyment of the game.

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